About us

Our Story

In 2009, I teamed up with a bunch of girls from my soccer team to create custom socks for the players. We had all worked in apparel printing businesses before and knew that there was no way this idea would ever work – but we tried it anyway! After months spent living rooms-experimenting (and nearly failing) our “AHA!” moment came when suddenly one day everything fell into place: Custom Sock became an eco friendly reality ten years later thanks largely due its innovative printable designs which are available now on every major social media site plus Amazon Prime shipping options too!.

Custom socks have never been so customizable! With printing options like canvas totes, facemasks and pillowcases you can show off your favorite team or create one-of kind pieces for every occasion. We’re excited about the potential partnership with CustomPipeline; it will allow us to grow our services even more by providing customers custom images onquality products that are both fashionable as well durable !!!

Our Vision

Custom Sock is here to provide you with a customized happiness delivered right at your doorstep. The company offers unique and fun products that are both practical, yet thoughtful—making it easy for everyone!
In addition, Custom Sock only use eco-friendly apparel ink advancements as well natural cotton blends when producing their socks so they don’t have any harsh chemicals touching sensitive skin all while reusing shipping materials which will save trees too boot

Custom Sock is making a difference in our community and around the world by donating to Feed America, Pets for Vets, microloans supporting women-owned businesses.
We also believe that one small business can support big changes–so Socks giving back! We’re donated some profits from each sale which helps us do good while still providing you comfort when walking into your favorite store knowing there are people out here working hard just like me trying their best every day of ours towards making sure everything runs smoothly within this country (and abroad).

Our Promise

We have a team of production specialists who work hard to make sure every detail is monitored during the printing process. From start-to finish, they carefully watch over your order and ensure quality meets or exceeds expectations!